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On the Map!

Mē-ō-Myă is a thriving small craft business located in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Owner and creator, Katie Petrinec, is originally from Buffalo, New York where she grew up with evenings spent shadowing her father in his wood workshop. This introduction to art and fine craftsmanship gave way to hours in an art studio mastering a myriad of mediums from weaving to fused glass art.

But it was Katie’s childhood dream of finding the lost city of Atlantis and her fascination with old maps, that inspired the Historic Map products featured at Mē-ō-Myă. A degree in Marine Science and a career focused on the water brought Katie to Florida 20 years ago, the perfect place to marry her passions of fused glass art and historic nautical maps.

In 2011, Katie set-up her Etsy store with the hopes of sharing her love and passion of old maps with others. Although, her Etsy store hasn't quite taken off yet, locally, Katie's business has expanded and is currently displayed and sold at a number of venues catering to hundreds of locals and tourists alike.

She loves sharing her love and passion of old maps with others. Katie can often be found at local Farmers Markets and craft shows sharing the history of the old maps. When asked what she loves most about making her map jewelry, Katie replied, "I find it simply amazing how geographically accurate the majority of the old maps are. I love making the old new again. People develop this new appreciation of where they come from. To me that makes everything worth it!"

Katie recently started expanding Mē-ō-Myă and began offering products to other historic areas commemorating their historical significance. "I love seeing people take pride in where they come from. It simply warms my heart to see someone walking through town wearing one of my bracelets or necklaces."

Katie recently set-up Facebook and Instagram accounts for Mē-ō-Myă. "I'm a little behind when it comes to social media...but I'm trying! You can now find us on Facebook and Instagram. Please take the time to review our products, like them and share them with others. I promise you won't be disappointed!"

Did you know? Katie is also author of the educational children's book series, Mya and Crash.  Click here to learn more.

About Us

Custom Products


We pride ourselves on finding a hand-crafted product that is perfect for you. We work with you to get just the right item created for your unique need. The only limit is your imagination!  If you are interested in having a product custom made for you or your business please contact us so we can discuss your needs.



We offer flexible wholesale pricing on all of our handmade products. We know that it is not always in the budget to commit to large quantities of one design, we instead offer our lowest prices with no minimum quantity required. Regardless of whether you purchase 100 pieces or 10, our products remain accessible.



We understand what it means to operate a small business. For those small shops that are maybe just starting out or don't want a huge overhead and envision carrying unique and hand-crafted products, we have the perfect solution - consignment.  All of our products are available for consignment. 

Stores that Carry Our Products

 Mē-ō-Myă is proud to be represented in the following shops and boutiques. These shops have a wonderful collection of art and support independent artists!